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Running your day to day small business can be overwhelming at times! You may be even at a point in time where you feel like the only way to stay on top of things would be to hire another employee or even your first employee. Which ever the case you will be adding to your businesses overhead.
Our team here at EMF Web Solutions can help your small business in 2 ways. The first is through automation and the 2nd is by actually taking some of your task off your plate allowing you to become more involved in growing your business.

Small Business Automation:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
- Contact management, Data management, Segmentation, Mobile, Calendar and task management, Lead scoring
Marketing Automation
- Campaign Builder allows you to drag-and-drop marketing campaigns & other automated processes like triggering a phone call. With CRM integration you can personalize emails and more giving your clients a seamless experience. A ready to go Landing page builder will have you building professional looking landing pages and web forms to help capture user data, like their name & email address so you can follow up with them later.
Sales Automation
- Lead scoring is a data-driven process that will allow you to assess your prospects in a new way. Quotes and orders will allow you to create, manage, and share quotes directly from your dashboard with ease. Pipeline management will help keep your sales process streamlined and repeatable. When you put it all together you may feel like you've added an employee with all your free time that you were spending doing mundane task that can be automated.
Online Sales
- Adding an eCommerce piece to your CRM is a win-win. All of your products and contacts in one easy to use admin panel really can save time. Ready to scale? How about a referral program management piece included and ready to accelerate your word-of-mouth marketing.
- Marketing reports, Sales reports, Order and billing reports, Admin Reports
Mobile app
- Mobile app to add contacts and task. Mobile payments. Responsive design.

Small Business Services:

- Our team can help with Integration! Having your apps communicating with each other will save you countless hours of entering in duplicate data.
Custom Websites
- Custom Coding, WordPress, & eCommerce websites. Click here to learn more about our custom website solutions.
Facebook Lead Funnels
- Let our experts help you grow your social networking presence with consistent social media engagement. We'll keep your content following on the Facebook platform. Learn more by visiting our Facebook Lead Funnels page.
Training & Workshops
- We offer training and workshops on various digital marketing topics including: Marketing Campaigns, Social Network best practice, blogging and SEO, creating graphics, and more!
Digital Marketing Consultations
- From 30 minute monthly phone calls to 1 hour sit downs quarterly reviews to discuss current and future strategies. Perfect for small businesses not looking to hire a full time marketing director.
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