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Domain Registration &
WP Managed Hosting


Website Design &


Best Practices


Content Quality Content
is "KING"

Our training website development training course will cover everything you need to know to get your website online and ready to compete for your target market keywords. EMF has developed over 100 website for small to medium size businesses, non-profits, sports teams, and more. So, we understand what it takes to have a website on the internet and we know what works...And maybe even more importantly...what doesn't work!


Search Engine Optimization

Proper SEO setup and a targeted keyword content campaigns are the best way to try to get ahead of your competition.

Understanding the "Dos" & "Don'ts" of SEO is key if you want to keep your site ranking well in search engines.

SEO topics will cover: What are meta tags, content marketing, tracking keywords, SEO and images, backlinks, and more!

WordPress for Content Management


What is a Content
Management System (CMS)


Introduction to


From Design to
Custom WP Theme


How to Use Blogging
to Improve SEO

WordPress (WP) is the backbone of your website and there are a few reasons for using a content management system like WP vs. the traditional method of "static" html coding only. And the #1 reason for me is SEO.

Using WP gives users the ability to log in to an Easy to Use on-line interface and add or edit content. So, yes editing the website is easier for than traditional text editor only website edits, but that doesn't really help with SEO. Or does it? By giving users an easier to use platform for editing their website this has created a new age in website development and many people are deciding to take on the job of building there website with WP.

But building a website is more than picking a pre-made theme and uploading a few photos and content. The number one question is How do I get my Website Ranked #!? WP gives users that way. What is it...Blogging!

Keywords are the Key to SEO and getting ranked at the top of search engines for your Target Market Keys...or what some people refer to as "Your Money Keywords". Blogging is the tool to use to begin adding keywords to your website in a meaning or useful way. Blogging is more than just adding keywords, blogging can be a way to educate and engage with your potential and current clients. Most of use our passionate about our business and have a lot of useful information that could help others...so why not get the information out there but do it in a manner that can also help your search engine rankings?

Don't worry we'll show you how and why blogging has been a proven seo technique for years.

Mobile Ready Websites

Having a Mobile Ready website is important for a few simple reasons.

User Experience

  • Larger text & Images
  • Less Resizing by user
  • Remove un-necessary items for faster loading


Search engines have rewarded websites that have adapted their websites to give users a better experience. We'll show you mobile ready coding techniques that are easy to use and where to find examples to use to save your self some coding time.

Your Website is Ready...Now What?


Website Tracking&


Email Marketing&
Best Practices


What Social Network/s
Are Best for Your Business?


Video Solutions for
SEO and Education

Our 8 week Build-A-Website course is a complete "CRASH" course for website development and overall digital marketing. You'll go from an idea to reality while avoiding all the headaches that typically accompany doing something for the first time on your own.

Ready to Begin? Our 8 week training course is only $799 for the entire course. Simply click the pay now button below to lock in your spot. Only 10 people will be accepted into the 8 week course.

Build A Website
8 week course
ONLY $799

Once your payment has been made you will be taken to a course registration form with a few questions. You will also receive an email from us within a few days confirming your registration and a few other items.

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